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I was born in İstanbul on 8st of November 1980 where I have lived in Beşiktaş for many years. I started my education in Beşiktaş Elementary School at Yıldız area of Beşiktaş. After a 8 year-education period ,I started at Beşiktaş High School. After high school, I graduated Metallurgical Engineering Department of Sakarya University. My professional life has begun at Tekfenbank Co. of Tefken Group on 15th of September 2003 in Istanbul. I have gained my first sectoral experience as sales engineer at Garanti Çelik Ltd. Co. In March of 2003, I completed my military obligation in Afyon province. When I returned back to Istanbul, searched  job about 5 mounth.  I carry  the technical positions for the technical products.I joined to Garanti Çelik’s organization on 15th of Septenber 2004. I’ve been working about stainless steel. I am interested with pipes, tubes, sheet, fittings, flanges etc. I’m especially interested about sanitary fittings. Sanitary fittings are necessary for the food industry. Stainless steel is the most important material for food technology. Taking the invitation from Garanti Çelik Ltd. Co., I stepped into the Stainless Steels world. I continue my career in this department still. I am still single. I have successfully participated Pre-MBA program at Marmara Contemporary Sciences Foundation in academic year of 2001-2002. I am also the member of Chamber of  Metallurgical Engineers. I want to go Egean Coasts very often but, I haven’t got any free time. I have set up this page to call out to my family, friends and other people. I hope that, my all  acquaintances see my home page.....


 My Best Regards

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